Apm from unmanned.co.uk is real 3dr? Or they sell the same china boards like dx.com or banggood.com? 

Don't trust those boards from china... Don't want to have trouble on start,  anyone buy from unmanned.co.uk?  They sell them on expensive price. 

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You will as they don't sell boards who do you really mean??

Do you mean http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk - if you do I believe they are official 3dr re-sellers. I've used them before and they were good. They have a user account here, send them a message if you've any concerns


I bought my first APM 2.6 direct from 3DR and the second from unmannedtechshop, Everything was identical.

After taking into account the duty, VAT and additional handling fees (and hassle trying to prove that the electronics were zero rated for duty), there wasn't that much difference in price.


Thank You all for the respond. Buying from 3dr store with shipping and tax is not the option for me. I can buy cheap things from China but not the important electronic like FC so that's why i was looking for trusted source for APM. The http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk  looks ok and You say it's ok so i buy from them :) 

Best Regards!


You could also try Build Your Own Drone who are UK based official re-sellers with great service


id second

build your own drone .co.uk

there the bees knees when it comes to sevice price and reliability and would recommend them above any uk supplier as ive used them for many parts flight controllers etc


If you are referring to our website, yes we are an official 3DR partner for UK/Europe and sell the official 3DR ardupilot boards/ accessories.  If you have any questions please let me know!

Thank You for the replay. I just made an order on Your website :) Happy New Year!

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