I have been working on my XUAV-Talon for a few months now and I'm totally at a loss as to why my servo's are not working correctly with the APM. I have set it up with Vtail mixing on the controller and everything is working-Ailerons are moving for roll- elerons moving for pitch and rudder but not very much movement, but when I use the Ailerons to roll eleron moves too. Pitch is on roll but swithcing channels or reversing, end points etc doesn't work. If I unplug the elerons from the receiver one still moves when I roll the ailerons. Any ideas?


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  • This is the XUAV talon causing me so much money and grief lost on trying to get the girl to soar as it should.


    • Do you figured it out?

      Can you post some information about your gear?

      I set up my Talon a few days ago and did 2 flights. Nothing broke :-)

  • For anyone interested in Vtail arduplanes, I had a problem with the servo response all messed up. I found that the controller had to be in standard plane configus and the Vtail had to be set through APM. Now it works all surfaces move correctly and seems fine. Only I have problems when it gets into the air. I can fly around the field on the ground just fine using the controls in stabilise mode but as soon as I get up in the air, not good. Every time it wants to roll to the right. I had it up long enough to fly once but it was a battle against its wanting to keep turning. I have re calibrated and checked GPS, all seems ok. So it's a very strange thing to figure out. Vtail configuration seems beyond me and I can't find why. Anyone with any info will be met with joy. :)
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