I recived the new dragonlink V3 with the new telemetry function.
Does somebody know, how can i connect the apm flight controller telemetry with the mini rf Modul ?
From my apm i have the wires GND, RX,TX,STATE where can i connect them to the dragonlink rf Modul, that i can communicate from missionplanner to the Flightcontroller?

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Good luck there buddy.

I have been looking for information on this for a couple of weeks. I am thinking it does not work at all.

I guess you have figured it out by now but after much frustration I found the documentation on the dragonlink site under support in the beta software download. All the information you will need.

Basically though you hook the channel you program for output of serial data in the rx to one of the telemetry ports on the pixhawk. Connect your mission planner computer via usb or bluetooth to the dragonlink tx and it works great.
Has anyone tried connecting it to the Maestro for antenna tracking as well as MP?

I have the Dragonlink Transmitter bluetooth to MP.

Now for the antenna you need an arduino. Maybe a basic 2.6 board would be the way to go. It will connect to MP via USB and interface with the servos or Maestro

The Dragonlink has nothing to do with the tracker but you do need the Dragonlink receiver sending telemetry data from your autopilot to MP. Also your MP computer needs GPS.  

its work with apm check this:


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