I have a few older ArduCopters, and really liked the way they turn on the motors at low idle speed when the ship is armed.  That's a very clear visual indication of Arming and Disarming, and served as a reminder when approaching, and showing all motors working.

The new software (3.0.1 Y6 configuration) has only the LED indication for arming, and it's hard to see when nestled into the frame in daylight.

I found references to MOT_SPIN_ARMED parameter:


Which is precisely what I'm looking for in this new Y6.

This parameter is not listed in the full listing, or the settings shown in the CLI.  Is this parameter not present in 3.0.1?  Is there something similar?  I'd really like to bring it back.

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  • I believe it was removed. Personally, I don't ever want motors spinning with throttle @ zero. A matter of preference really. Having said that, if it was disabled by default, why remove it?
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