I just built a new AMP 2.8 build. Its my first time with ardupilot. 
When I do a test flight it seems to behave fine foe 20 seconds or so and then 
it takes off either left or right and my stick inputs dont seem to have any effect.
The flight controller can hear me because I am able to disarm from the transmitter.
But i cant throttle down or control the quad normally.

As this is my first time with these kind of flight controllers, is there something I should be looking at first?

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We need more information to go on here.  What size copter, what radio are you using and what receiver is connected.

Did you check the motor order in Mission Planner, did you calibrate everything.  Are you using a GPS.

Do you have a flight log from your test.


I figured out how to export the logs. I attached two of them.

It is a 500 frame. I am running a Spektrum DX8 with an orange RC receiver.

It flies fine for a few seconds and then disregards my inputs.

I have also been unable to satisfy the compass calibration routine.

My flights have been in stabilize mode. so maybe  the problem is the compass and stabilize?


From the first log the reason you lost control was because the battery failsafe activated which causes the copter to fly home and ignore input from the operator.  You must not have a buzzer attached otherwise you would have herd the sound.

I looks like the battery you are using is too small for your copter.

Flying in your back yard is also not good.  You need an open area where the GPS can get a good lock and will not be interfered with by houses and trees but that's not a show stopper.

You will have to turn logging up to show more information in the logs until your able to fly and then need to put them back to default so that it doesn't slow down the processor producing logs instead of flying the copter.

LOG_BITMASK=894 just shows basic information.


That is great info Mike thank you so much! I had a 1300mah Batt on it that I use on a 250 size quad. I have a 5000 for it though. I will also hook up the buzzer and see about turning up the LOG info size.

Any advice about the compass situation. It's complaining that the compass offset is too high. It looks to me that the Y offset is around 2400. Which sounds pretty high. Is that in mm? I have watched several videos about doing the compass tuning and get the same results from each method. Is it common to have a bad compass?

Large compass offset is caused by magnet interference or metal too close to the flight controller.

Check that there is not something magnetized.

Sometimes just using a standard camping compass you can see if the needle moves strangely when placed where the flight controller is.


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