APM 2 compatability

I'm working on an UAV that will be using APM 2 and also some FPV OSD stuff. I was just wondering if there is any FPV/OSD system that works best with APM 2. Right now I am looking at the Range Video Aerial Video System and the Range Video OSD. I have looked at the Advanced FPV Starter package 1.3Ghz from ready made RC, which comes with the Eagle Tree OSD Pro Package. I looked at the Remzibi OSD 3DR, but there is a notice that that does not work with APM 2 (so I naturally ruled that out). Let me know if you have any suggestions or advice!



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  • MinimOSD works fine with APM 2.0 because it's using the mavlink data from the telemetry port. This means you can either add the OSD before you transmit to the ground over the video link, or use the 3DR radios for telemetry as well and only add the OSD video image on the output of the video receiver module at the ground (3 RF links, video, telemetry, and R/C). Also, lower RF frequency normally gets better range so 5.8ghz is not as good as lower frequency video transmitters. You really should use telemetry anyway (I know it's optional but even from a logs or setting factor, it needs to be a standard option).

    Basically, I would by a good video TX and RX (I would not go for 5.8ghz, lower freq is better)

    Camera of choice


    3DR telemetry radios (915mhz in the US)

    Below is the link to the instructions.



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