APM 2 Status?

Yay I got my APM 2 delivered yesterday. Thanks to all of you who have been working hard to deliver this beautiful product.

What is unclear to me at the moment is:

 - how to set APM 2 into CLI mode (switch is gone?)

 - how far is the firmware compatible with APM 2?

 - Is the mission planner working with APM 2 properly (downloading logs seems to be impossible without cli mode) ?



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  • No they  are producing 1000....so that puts me in the first batch,,,,,That states that they have shipped 906 and mine is 73 from being produced and shipped.

  • It looks like you need to press Enter three times (x3) in the terminal to activate CLI mode.

    The current planner supports the APM 2 and the software seems to run on it. I am not sure if it fully leverages the hardware capabilities of the APM 2 board yet, but at the moment you get at least an APM 1 level capability out of it.

    Downloading logs: go to terminal and press your Enter key three times to access CLI mode and download logs just like before.

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