Hi all,

I'm attaching my log from our last flight as our little quad went completly bonkers before it crashed.

Short after takeoff it went completly out of control, no response at all from RC or Telemetry and then crashed near a pond (thank god).

But the mistery was about to begin when we started reviewing the log and found out that the trigger was the failsafe error  Err: EKF_CHECK-2 / Err: FAILSAFE_ EKF-1. 

In understand these two were recently added to APM, but this ain't the first time I see this sort of thing happening.

I'm attaching my log in hopes for some guidance.

Thank you all!

2014-12-14 11-10-14.log

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    • Tried to auto tune again last night.. NO-GO.. no idea what to try next.

      the board is remounted in hopes to reduce noise. log did not record noise. Had Error 15 latter in the flight if I read right it means illegal flight mode selected. 

      Tried all my flight modes - Started with AltHold then PosHold then loiter, even tried stabilized. 

  • I have had a same / similar issue but unfortunately I am on my mobile so can't post logs but they are attached to a post I made a few days ago if they are needed. (Gps loss on loiter and then...) 

    Edit: I am also on a pixhawk 

    • Question about damping - vibration

      Autotune won`t even try to turn on, MP sees the switch position fine but the APM does not respond.. I`m guessing this is due to Vibration being so high..

      Can one of these $5 APM damping boards fix this or is it more complicated then that?



      • Don't think there is any vib test - you need to be in AltHold before putting it in autotune. I expect that is the problem.

        • it's in AltHold.. I tried it in a few other modes as well. 9x (6 position switch)

          Stabilize,PosHold,Loiter,AltHold (auto tune),Sport,RTL 

          I have tried PosHold, AltHold and Stabilize. every time nothing happens.. I let go of the controller and it slowly drifts away with the wind.. 

          Using MP with a usb cable it shows the auto tune being activated and deactivated but during flight it doesn't work. 

          • If you take off in stab mode and then hit alt hold does it shoot up or down a lot even at mid throttle? If so you might need to balance your props better. I use this it works great.


            Only other thing that come to mind is part of the mandatory set up isn't done but then again it shouldn't arm in that case. Do you have pre-arm checks ON aka '1'? If not this might help you figure out what is going on. It's on by default so unless you turned it off it should be on.


            • Pre-arm check is always on. humm.. so this is not a typical issue then.. I have remounted my apm on top of my quad and put it on a damping pad.. I'll see what happens tonight. I hope the vibration has gone down, see if autotune works..  

              Personally the original config looked way better... but lets get it working before I make it look good. 


              • I think you need to do it the other

                • Sorry? I don't know what that means

                  • Wow - only the first part of my post appeared....

                    It should say - I think you need to tidy the cables first, they will tug on the pixhawk and cause vibrations

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