Ok so my lil Easystar is getting a little bigger.
Initial configuration:
APM, Oilpan, MediaTek GPS, R617FS receiver, eTronix ESC, Hacker A30-16M
Elevons and rudder servos
Landing wheels (used but untested - head first landings so far :D)

After some flight testing, idiocy and problems, I have changed the setup. Nothing mental just more normal for DIY drones easystar.
APM, Oilpan, MediaTek GPS, MPXV7002DP airspeed sensor, Xbee, eTronix ESC, Tornado Revolution BM400
Elevons and rudder servos
Landing wheels (maybe I'll land on them now)

My new motor (higher kV rating) should allow easier flight, flight control and more.
Airspeed sensor should help in autonomous mode (as well as getting settings correct).
Xbee should help me find it when it goes wayward (plus it looks cool :D)

Obviously the new gear needs testing before I get funky so here are a few inquiries.
Is anybody else using a similar setup and flying?
Why are the pitot tubes placed above one another if they are differential surely the difference would be negliable?
Mr Premerlani has done a fantastic job with the wind estimation without an airspeed sensor (I even have a doodle page devoted to it) but how can wind estimation be done with an airspeed sensor?

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That's pretty much exactly my setup, minus the wheels. Wind estimation is coming in the next version of the APM code. I just place my pitot tubes next to each other for convenience (one hole in the fuselage).
Cheers Chris for the confidence boost unfortunately living in England I must suffer Royal Mail and yet again have not been delivered my package of awesomeness :(

I realise you are working on Wind estimation integration for the next update but I was interested in how it is done when you have the pitots? I have already dedicated a significant amount of doodle maths to Bill's wonderful work but seem to be tunnel vision and cannot unravel the pitot variation. TBH i presume I'm just being a prat and shouldn't be trying to do it when full of Red Bull.
Wind estimation with a pitot is basically a fixed gain observer type of filter in x and y coordinates based on a comparison of airspeed and ground speed. It is unlike Bill P's scheme in that you can't get a result based on a single set of observations. Rather you form an estimate from a series of observations.
if you have the air speed sensor why are you estimating it ?
Thank you Doug.
He wants an estimate of wind speed. Its not the same thing as airspeed....

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