APM and 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Compatibility


Before I go out and buy a brushless gimbal that I'm stuck with and is incompatible I'm wondering if people out there have a working configuration already.

I've got a Raspberry Pi camera which weighs in at single digit grams, so it doesn't have to be huge or crazy, just STABLE with no vibe.  I've got Copter v3.3 up and running rock solid.  I also have a servo gimbal that just doesn't work too great so hopefully the brushless is an improvement and less jittery.  

I've read up here on integrating the 2 axis Tarot that I'm sure everyone else has seen, but really wanted that third axis for pointing at a ROI.  Has anyone had luck integrating the 3 axis Tarot:


Or similar?  Must be APM compatible.  

Please help :)?

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  • in my opinion tarot is crap......I went thru many gimbals and the Z1 Tiny2 is by far the best ever tried, rock solid and strong but also like $300....

    if you want something cheaper that has a lot of options with a storm32 controller you can find them for $80 on goodluckbuy.com (3 axis also)

    • I'm not opposed to spending $300 for a solid gimbal.  Any issues with hooking it up to APM and using the APM PPM outputs for stabilizing the 3 axes?

      • you wont need to have APM stabilize it, the gimbal will do it itself....I do use APM to control pitch and pan axis via RC channels if thats what you meant

        • You are correct, and now that I've done a bit more research I have one of these coming my way in the mail as we speak.  


          On another note, for anyone that has two different GoPros (like I will soon have) I designed a circuit which allows you to use APMs aux relay switch to go between the two on your video transmitter.  I'd be willing to share the design or sell anyone one for $25.  

          On the right, you plug in 5v,Sig, and GND to your APM autopilot relay channel.  On the left you have video out (yellow), and two video in (white/green).  You can then assign a channel on your radio to control the relay in APM and presto, switch between gimbal cam and FPV up front. 


  • Surely someone has got a 3-axis gimbal working with APM?

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