APM Auto Mode Failure - Please Help

I was out today flying in Manual, Stabilize, RTL and Auto mode today and evertything started out OK.  The Auto mission had 7 way points and a home location.  The altitude of each way point is 100 meters.  I started out in manual and when I reached about 40 meters in height, I switched from manual to auto mode.  The mission was proceeding according to planning until arriving at way point 6, then the plane throttled down and was headed for a crash.  I flipped to manual and between that and RTL mode I was able to recover without a crash.   My command setting for Way Point 7 is RTL instead of just "WAY POINT".  Although I may be mistaken, I thought that would return the plane in auto mode and that it would loiter or circle forever around the home location on that setting.  Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.  I am including the tlog from the flight.

I have not updated the firmware on APM in a few months.  Not sure the specific version number for my Arduplane software

Flying:    Sky Surfer

Param File:  Bixler

3DR Radio 915Mhz

APM:   2.5 with external uBlox GPS, but internal compass.


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  • Developer

    Waypoint 6 and 7 where on top of each other. Waypoint 7 was not RTL. All I have been able to deduce so far, as soon as you hit waypoint 7, the motors cut and the plane stalled. It was the end of the mission.

    I extracted the WP using mission planner, so I am assuming it's working correctly.

  • Hi,

    What's your ALT_HOLD_RTL parameter value?

  • Strange!

    Was the 6th regular WP also?

    I uploaded here of the your tracking log: http://www.droneshare.com/view/bmeabx7

    Just to analyse it.

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