I have something strange on my copter.

my APM burnt right after connecting batteries to the power module.


what I mean to say by burnt is I have no more com port detected and APM green light stays on but other lights off. when I click reset blue light blink twice (C) and orange once (B) then nothing.


on the RC side I have receiver with Signal only except ch7 which has 3 cables to power the receiver.

on output side I have a 3DR hexa distribution board so only signal out.


is it possible that an ESC is creating a short circuit? or is it a defective power module?

with power on, all ESC seems to respond...


any clue what is going wrong here?


on my first APM fuse was burnt out. this time it is not burnt but I can see heat pcb around it.

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ok found out the issue that burnt both my apm... it was a defective power module sending full voltage... damn it!

The 3DR power module doesn't sound very reliable. Am I missing something?

any way to use the 3DR power module only as Voltage and current measurement and use the ESC bec as supply?



That should be possible - cut the wire that carries the +5V supplied by the power module to APM, and set JP1.

With a copter, you should have reasonably nice and smooth BEC voltages. On a plane with servos, there are surprisingly often brownouts..

BTW you are not alone! I had an APM2 burn out today too, and I don't even have a power module. It was possibly the switching stepdown regulator off eBay (same as a BEC) that went stupid. Hmmm I wonder if it uses the same circuit as the power module? Can u post a close up photo?

George, yes I think you are right, the PM's name is most often seen in sentences also containing at least one of "problem", "smoke" or "crash".



Sorry. Already sent my pm for replacement.


You can maybe use filtered bec from jDrones. Seems very good one


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