APM Camera Gimbal Stabilization Parameters

Hello all!  Just got my new go pro pitch/roll mount intergrated to my 3DR quad.  First tests show that it works pretty well, but I need to dig into the tuning a bit to get it perfect.

Can anyone explain to me what the tuning parameters for the camera stabilization do?  To be more specific,  what is CAM_P_DZ?  I know that the CAM_P_G is the proportional gain, and I am assuming that the CAM_P_DZ is some sort of damping or derivative gain.  Is that correct?  What does it do physically to the system?   The manual doesn't talk about those parameters, which makes me think that they are somewhat recent.


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  • Another note: I can't find the CAM_P_DZ in the code when I am searching through arduino.  Is it even used?

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