APM Does not load Parameters on connect

Hi Guys

Been going through testing the latest batch of APM 2.6's I received.

I have a problem on one of them, and want to see if I missed anything before requesting RMA.

We have the APM connected to the GPS/Mag ONLY. No other connections, input or output.

I can succesfully load and verify the quad/hex/y6 firmware.

After that I hit CONNECT, and it starts to load the MavLink parameters.

EVERY TIME it gets about 1/3 to 1/2 way, then hangs. not always on the same parameter, it seems random.

I have :

Changed out the GPS and GPS cables

Changed the USB cable

Tried other APMs  - they work 100%

tried connecting the 3DR radios. they connect to each other (green lights), but No comms with Mission planner.

All baud Rates checked and com ports verified, as I said, it works with other APMs.

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that the board is faulty.
Any ideas?

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  • Hey Cam, did you return your unit for repair/replacement? How much did they charge you out of curiosity. Also I am interested in what they said in response. thanks in advance! -Duncan

  • I experienced this once with my apm2.5. I pressed the reset button. All went back to normal.
  • Admin


    Have you tried connecting with the APM using the CLI in the Terminal Mode?

    Using the CLI you might be able to determine where it is hanging up and what component might be causing the hang-up.


    TCIII Admin

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