APM Elevon Mixing Problem

Hi All,

I'm using a DX18 to fly a plane with an APM 2.5 but I can't get the elevons to mix properly.  I set them up on the radio and not matter what I do they don't move in the proper direction in FBWA mode.  I tried switching the channels where the servos plug in but no matter what I do if I get the radio programmed ok FBWA isn't correct and if I get FBWA working I can't get the radio programmed to work in manual.  Did radio calibration several times and tried all of the reverses on the GCS too.  Any suggestions?



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  • Well, I unplugged everything and reassembled it to make sure that I had all the plugs in the right places.  I have proper control with RC and in AUTO but ailerons are still reversed in FBWA.  I have no idea how this could be but no matter what I can't get it to correct the roll problem in FBWA so I'm flying with MANUAL, AUTO, and RTL.  Tuned the plane today and it's doing exactly as programmed so, other than the FBWA problem, all's good.


  • You need to reverse channels in apm plane using mission planner. Have not tried apm on a plane so cannot point you to the exact setting page but try asking this question on apm forum regarding that.
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