APM "Fly away"

Hello guys, this is my first thread in this forum.

Today I lost my hexacopter with APM 2.6 running the last stable firmware version in auto mode and the reason I don't know why, apparently everything was ok, the GPS was locked, the compass health is ok. 

The first waypoint was takeoff, but I did it manual and after I tested for a little time the loiter mode and it is ok, so I decide switch to auto mode, and the copter gone to wrong way and I loose the control, I tried to come back with manual mode and RTL but.... It gone to far far away...

Can anyone help me understand what may have happened?

And sorry for my bad google translate english!

* The stable / Loiter mode was veeeeeery good, I really don't know what happen.. 


Thank you.

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  • Maurillo, What a pitty, try to find it, write your problem in forums giving your flying location, i see many drones appear like that; it's possible that, if the multi fly in the wrong direction in auto, he couldn't return in RTL, perhaps is better change to alt hold or stabilize and try to bring back manually or land and go for it, i have simple mode in a swich so is better to return manually if you can´t see well.

    Good lucky, tell us if you find it.

  • Did you switch it to STABILIZE mode when it was clear that the copter was going in the wrong direction? During an AUTO mission, my IRIS took off in the opposite way it was supposed to go. I switched it immediately to STABILIZE and landed it. It is my understanding that if there is a GPS glitch, then all modes depending on the GPS (RTL, ALT, AUTO, LOITER) might also fail.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your copter. We all need to be really comfortable with the STABILIZE flying mode to bring a rogue copter home. 

    • Yes, but I could not bring it back to land, so I switch to RTL and it went away... But before I switch to AUTO mode, I test the Loiter and everything works fine, the copter lock in the air, then I decided to continue with the mission...

      The fact that first waypoint be the takeoff and I have done it manually  may have caused the loss?

      Thank you all!

      *And again: sorry for my english, slowly I am learning correctly :)

      • to get tlogs, open mission planner, under the HUD click on "telemetry logs", than choose "Load log". It will open up an explorer window, now notice the location where it led, go there in a regular explorer window and grub the .tlog files from there. 

        my 5c-

        no GPS lock when armed (copter doesn't know where the home is) the only way to verify is to check logs.

        GPS glitch and you didn't setup what to do in such an event,

        a problem with compass which would not be caught by a pre-arm check (moved after it was calibrated, magnetic interference on board),

        mechanical issue (bad vibrations, FC got disconnected from the frame, gps/mag connector failure)

        pilot error due to panic and lost orientation (copter in alt hold instead of RTL + wind = fly with a wind)

        I personally experienced all of them except no GPS lock before arming :) so I feel your frustration, good luck finding the copter... 

  • Sorry to hear that. I've also lost a drone: an expensive coaxial quad with dji wookong autopilot. Lo siento amigo, tienes toda mi comprensión!

    • Thank you José!

      Gracias :)

  • Admin


    Sorry to hear of the loss of your multicopter.

    I know you obviously cannot provide any data flash logs since the multicopter is gone, however, if you had your telemetry on, you might want to provide a tlog of the flight if one is available to help troubleshoot what happened.


    TCIII Admin

    • @Thomas,

      The telemetry was on, but I lost the signal very close! How can I get these logs? 

      Thank you so much.

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