APM Forced Landings Log Mystery

Hi. On my last two flights, I experienced forced landings that I don't understand. In the first case, I launched in Loiter, and had a nice, solid loiter for a short period, when the flyer suddenly landed (cleanly) and disarmed. I could not arm it again until I reset the transmitter.

Much the same happened on the next flight, when I launched in Stabilize. OK for a short while, then forced landing -- disarmed. And it wouldn't arm again until a transmitter reset.

Battery voltage measured after pulling from the flyer both times looked fine.

I don't have much experience at all in interpreting the flash logs, but one seems to indicate that the flyer went into Land mode and the other RTL (which in my configuration would also land).

These seem like some sort of failsafe triggers but I do not see failsafe error events in the logs.

If someone could help me interpret these logs (attached) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Aug 25