Yesterday I put my new APM and IMU shield together and would like to now make sure that I did not destroy them in the process. I found a couple of tests in the repository and these seem to be fine (haven't tested the GPS yet).

For the Ardu Imu I have seen some tests that apparently run the DCM and output Euler angles, etc. For the mega I have found a blog post by Jose Julio here:

But this seem to be somewhat outdated (at least the ADC channels seem wrong when comparing them to the APM_ADC test). Does naybody know of outher tests for the IMU oilpan? (I'm new to this :)

Cheers, Andre

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Hi Andre, yes this code is outdated because it works with old preproduction boards.
You need to change to the new libraries. You can find the latest libraries here:

OK, thanks, I'll have a look at these.

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