APM Logs problem


I'm trying to get logging system work but i've some problems.

When i erase all logs files by APMplanner or by CLI, the old logs seems erased.

BUT when after flying i'm checking my "new" logs, the old logs reappears with the same datas!

I've made 3 times this operation, the result is the same, same logs reappears with the same datas!

These logs are xplane logs when i've made some simulation try?

I've Ublox GPS (maybe help?)


In advance, thank you


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    Hello Martinez,


    Could you list the system you are running:

    APM 1.0v or 1.4v board?

    Which code you are running on the APM?

    Is this a new problem that has just started, or have you only just got the APM/Oilpan working and these are the first logs you have seen?







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