APM Mini Baro Performance

I have two APM Minis and I am getting unusable baro performance from both. I actually purchased a second one as I thought I had a bad baro. Running AC 3.2.1

Flies well in Stabilize. Horrible in Alt Hold. Sinks down and generally is all over the place horizontally and vertically. Vibs are good. Well, well within limits. Baro performance on the ground and in the air is terrible for both boards. Am I alone in this? The observed altitude in the HUD is fairly erratic while on the ground. 

The logs say it all really. Poor tracking of baro alt to desired alt in CTUN. Do I have bad boards? My other APMs perform very well. The issue is observable when USB powered and when flight battery powered so I do not think I have a dirty VCC. Looks fine on the logs anyway.

I am stumped. About to give up on these little boards. Others are claiming success with them though.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



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