APM not logging

Seems I need some help with this!  I have not messed around with the CLI to change logging settings at all.  My last few flights have been producing log files, but they don't have much data....it logs my initial parameters and that's about it.  I upgraded the firmware for the last flight but still the same result.  I'm attaching the latest log file.  Any help appreciated.  2014-05-07%2018-00-30%2067.log

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  • Developer

    If it's like ArduCopter, you should be able to go into the mission planner's Advanced Parameters list and look for the Log bitmask drop down and set it to APM2-Default.

    If you can't see the advanced parameters list in the mission planner then go to it's Config/Tuning > Planner and select the "Advanced View" checkbox at the bottom.

    • Thanks Randy.  Yes in advanced parameters the field was just blank (not set to disabled).  I should have checked in the full parameters list to see what happened (ie if it was a corrupted value or something).  Not sure what happened to it, as I didn't intentionally change it, but other parameters look fine. 

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