APM parameter settings with Mission Planner

Some questions concerning APM parameters, perhaps already clarified here. In that case, please help me to find the answers.

1st parameter Angular Rate control: How much throttle is applied to rotate the copter at the desired speed. Adjust P by motor size. Small, Med and Large.

"Rotating the copter" = YAW??

RTL Altitude (ALT_HOLD_RTL): Units Meters/100
The default value is 15. 1500 m seems to be very high. On the other hand, 15 cm?

Units for maximum and minimum Throttle is percent. 1000 percent is the default value. Is it OK?


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  • Developer

    depending on which angular rate you are looking at, it could be roll,pitch or yaw.

    RTL Alt in the planner is in meters, the units need to be fixed.

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