I am currently building a Skywalker x8 (with live video and telemetry over 3/4G using a Raspberry pi, which is working). 

I am wondering if the AMP 2.6 needs to be at the center of the air frame, or if this is more important when dealing with multi rotors. I want to mount it in the back section (x8 has three sections), a few cm from the ESC.

I am also contemplating if noise from the ESC will affect it at all (running 4 cell setup).

Any thoughts?

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Has no one tested this, or have any experience on this?

Even I've placed at the same position of yours.

Some people advised to place the flight controller near CG point.

Can you give me a link for the 3/4G module that you used for the Pixhawk??

Also please share any additional reference materials for the same.



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