Hello everybody and Happy new year!


                We have been trying to fly our Arducopter to fly, but we haven’t been able…

We are using APM Planner 1.1.17, and we connect to it but the battery reading it’s not right. When initializing, the software indicates the right value (10.08 v).              


But few seconds later (without doing anything), it indicates less than the half (5.02 v).

Do you know why is this happening?


Thank you,

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10.8 sounds like a low starting figure, I think the battery is shot.

Have you flown at all?

Thank you for answering Gary,

   Unfortunatelly I haven't flown it yet...

The batteries are new and the voltage that indicates the multimeter is 12'20 v:

Any idea?

Bad soldering ?  Intermittend contact ?  If I remember correctly the battery reading uses a moving average filter, so short connection failures will not show as 0, but as abnormal low voltages.

Thank you u4eake,

   As far I understand, do you recommend me to review the connections and contacts with the multimeter?

I think you have to setup the board to read the voltage, like this:


Thank you Rick,

   I'm afraid you are right, I'm trying to contact jdrones to be sure but they don't answer...

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