APM Planner and configuration questions

I have been using the APM planner as just a way to burn new code into the copter. Tonight I started playing with some of the setup features. I'm not getting expected results.
I have loaded the latest 2.0.25 with APM planner 1.0.13 and attached the setup log... System in CLI

1. Expected rawgps to give me a stream of data
Received no data. Also while moving the gps cable (gps -- APM) the GPS blue lock led would shut off for a second, but only when in rawgps test mode.
2. Expected gps to give me a stream of data
Received strange z values. sitting still on the bench the numbers were as expected. as soon as I tapped it the z values jumped to 32xxx. I have attached a log of that also.
(connect enabled)
3. Expected Flight Data --- Raw Sensor View to display realtime (with some delay) sensor information in the graph
Received no data.
4. Expected Guages --- to display data when moved.
Received nothing
I'm guessing that I have missed something in the configuration to get the values.
Also --- this time while programming from 2.0.24 to 2.0.25, one motor started to oscillate ending with a beautiful curl of smoke.(not fast enough to disconnect the battery) Thought for sure that the motor would be dead, but still seems to work... My question is -- Should I replace it or let it roll?



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    Are you following the manual? If you pay attention to this warning that is repeated throughout the manual you won't burn out your motors.



    You won't get any sensor data it the slider switch is in CLI mode. It must be in Flight Mode (away from RC pins). (there's a confusing dialog in the Mission Planner 1.0.13 that will be fixed shortly)


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