APM Planner changelog

Hi everyone, Is there a changelog somewhere for the APM planner software  ?


Right now the actual version is 1.0.67 and looks like it packs in Arducopter 2.0.42 Beta but its not said anywhere on the forums.

I used 1.0.66, downloaded 2 days ago, and it had Arducopter 2.0.40 Beta loaded with it .. flown a bit and setup some stuff. Worked great for me and was willing to jump right to 2.0.42 to see how the loiter, alt hold etc.. modes work


Understand i am not complaining here, just asking if the APM is supposed to always come with an Arducopter Beta code, thus not to be considered stable enough not to be scared your quad flys away full throttle, with no radio responding for exemple :) (happened to me today, but luckily not at full throttle! .. ^^)  ?


or is it always going to be Beta labeled to avoid some liability in any case ?


Anyways, is the APM planner really officially loaded with the latest 2.0.42 ?

Do you guys think you will give the option of choosing from a list from the latest beta to older more or less buggy Arducopter versions ? :) (i already know it can be done manually in CLI modes )


Thx for reading !


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    Look in the arducopter forum. jason usualy does a post each build.

    As for the Beta, i think we are nearing a non beta build of AC, however before that point is reached it needs to be tested.

    as for liability, i do beleive this is DIY, so enter at your own risk.


    the apm planner change log can be found if you look on the git repo, change list. i usualy always put what has changed when i port the new version.

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