APM Planner + MAVlink via TCP/IP

Greetings! I'm a CS student trying to start a project in AI with drones, and I'm having a rough start with the software I'm trying to use.

I'm using a laptop with Debian 8, I struggled installing APM Planner 2 on my PC due to missing dependencies, outdated libraries, and tons of other issues. I want to implement a simulation for multiple UAVs using MAVlink and their firmwares, and I'm starting with ArduPlane.

I'm an absolute noob when it comes to APM Planner and MAVlink. I'm trying to run multiple instances of ArduPlane through TCP/IP and different ports, but I couldn't force the APM Planner software to change from the UDP connection it had by default, so I deleted it... And now I can't get anything MAVlink related to connect to APM Planner.

APM Planner is stuck on a serial connection, and trying to connect causes a segmentation fault crash. I can't change the connection method from Serial, either, even if I create multiple UDP or TCP/IP connections. 

I followed the APM Planner and MAVlink installation tutorials from ardupilot.com, and it's all mostly a fresh install, but I don't want to go through the pain of reinstalling APM Planner. Can something be done about all of this?

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