I see there is a APM Planner download and a Mission Planner download.  Is the APM Planner 2.0 just an update of the Mission Planner software that I've been using?



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No, v2.0 is a completely updated new beta version, see http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/which-mission-planner?xg_source=a...

Thanks for the link - that's just what I was looking for.

They have different origins. Mission Planner is Michael Obornes' .Net windows GCS. APM Planner is based on qgroundcontrol, and incorporates some/many/an increasing number of Mission Planner features, but is still very much in beta. It runs on windows, Mac, and Linux, but hasn't had a stable release yet. The most recent version is RC2.
Good explanation - thx

I have a APM2.0 autopilot.  Will it work with APM Planner V2.0?

All versions of APM, PX4 and Pixhawk will work with APMP v2.0 and MP v1.x.

Thanks Graham

Just for clarification, if have everything setup based on Mission planner, i should be able to switch between both applications? (APM Planner and Mission Planner?)...for example if i want to use the Droid Planner on my tablet to fly etc....while i have setup everything in Mission planner....it should be fine?...im a bit new so trying to understand if its ok to do so.

My assumption is that the underlying parameters would remain the same so there shouldn't be much of a difference?

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