• Thanks Graham,

    I've just posted on a different thread to suggest we could also use a Python script..?


  • This gets my vote too. My mouse hand gets a bit shaky when I start to panic.

    The only short-cut keys I've found are these:

    • F12 – disconnect or connect from/to USB or Telemetry
    • F5 – Refresh parameters
    • F2 – change to Flight Data tab
    • F3 – change to Flight Planner tab
    • F4 – change to Configuration tab
    • F5 – Refresh parameter list
    • CTL-G Nmea Output
    • CTL-W Wizard config interface


    • Moderator

      Also CTRL-S writes parameters to the APM and CTRL-F = Find (if parameter page is active).

      Consider opening an issue here with a list of shortcuts you'd all like to see.

  • I was wondering the same thing.  I want to build a GCS with hardware buttons to change settings, modes etc... but haven't been able to find anything other than the f keys to change screens etc.  Would be nice to have this in a future release.

  • OK going crazy. I am sure this is a simple problem. I have downloaded Mission Planner and APM Planner to see what the shortcut keys are. 

    Gut feeling is that lots of people would want to press a key to change a mode, rather than fiddling with the mouse in the field. Maybe I am missing the obvious :-)

    Any ideas?



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