APM Power Module, doing it wrong?


I'm on my second APM build. My first was an Octocopter with an APM2.5+. I got the powermodule working but it never displayed the values quite right, it would oscillate up and down and just show unreasonable numbers. Got it replaced on warranty, but no change.

Fast forward a year. Built a new QAV540G with an ebay APM 2.6 and "Ebay" Power module.

It works great, but same thing, shows wierd values. While standing still at the ground, unarmed: 0.1 Amp, up to 12 Amp, 4 Amp, 0,5 Amp etc... up and down. Also while flying, it can show 0 Amp for a long time and then 4 Amp etc. Nothing reasonable, should be showing a 40 Amp draw.

I'm using 4S 4500mAh batteries and Afro 40Amp ESC's.

This is what I tried changing:

* Connected the power selector Jumper. No difference. 

* Disconnected it. No difference.

* Removed all the power leads from the ESC's, APM is dead unless battery is hooked up to the Power Module, so I'm pretty sure it's getting power from the right place.

* Fiddled with the voltage divider settings in mission planner, not much difference.

I must be doing something really wrong?

Thanks for any ideas!

Magnus, Sweden

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  • Additional info: The voltage sensor works pretty well. I'm using the whole thing over telemetry as well as with the minimOSD.

    It's the current I'd be interested in reading properly.

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