FC: APM 2.5

Firmware: APM 3.2.1 quad

GCS: MP 1.3.24

The log files on my copter  are named with a date in 1969. They then download and are converted to the time that I'm downloading them. Previous versions of this had accurate file names to date and time of flight. What/Where do I fix/adjust this?


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there must have been an issue with gps signal.

Hi Michael and Brian,

same with me but 2 years younger - 1971. Same FC, APM 2.5 (3DR) same FW 3.2.1 but Helicopter.

It does, t  bothers me at all.


I have had the same problem.  Mine is the '69 date.  Getting good GPS lock( solid indicator).  Quad with apm 2.5.2 with external GPS/compass unit running ac3.2.1.  Went to review logs because i was in the process of testing and when i tried a vertical "punchout"  my 450 size spider style quad did a full roll flip.  Wanted to see what happened; so i went to down load the logs for review.  All of the logs listed had the same 00:00:00  12-31-1969 time stamp.  I erased them all prematurely.  Hoping to get some more responses to this posting so we can figure out how to fix it.  I will try to revert back to ac3.2 to see if that helps.

Went back into MP.  Loaded AC3.1.5 firmware which is listed as the last version that supports my board since it is "retired" according to mission planner (I guess 3DR wants us all to buy a Pixhawk).  The dates are sorted out by the GPS data.  However you have to go to the terminal to get your logs. Not sure of what pros/cons there are with 3.1.5 vs 3.2.1 in reference to any flight habits or control options.  Hope this helps.  Again, i am using apm 2.5.2 hardware with and external GPS/compass, your results may vary with your particular hardware.  Happy Flying!

APM 2.5.2 w/external compass

FW: AC3.1.5 Quad 

GCS: 1.3.28

yup thats confirmed for today's flights.. ;-) in January 2108.

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