Hi There, I  thought I'd join the DD community to see if anyone could help me setup my quad.  And I thought my first post might be one helping others setup theirs, lol. So here goes.

Here are the some of the issues iv'e been trying to Iron out,.

Firstly the Rx Channels appear to be reversed on the APM side, (quad pitches forward when stick is back, and rolls right when stick goes left, eh???)

Secondly,  Loiter works superbly (i mean perched on an invisible pole kinda steady!) for about 30 seconds, then starts circling clockwise.

Lastly, (well this maybe the same problem with 2 manifestations) Altitude hold causes the quad to wobble on the roll axis, and also when landing, i can shut the props off so hurl a beach towel over the screaming beast until i can yank out the battery - which ive had to do in two of 4 total flights.

Well, A bit scared to take it out again, it behaves like a locked up dog let out off it's lead/leash :)

Any ideas where the problems might lay? I thought this tlog file might help


Many thanks in advance, Chris

Setup:_ steadidrone qu4d, apm 2.5 mounted on moongel), hobbywing quattro, rctimer 10x2.5 props, rctimer telemetry and gps.

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Is this RTF or have you built a kit? I have a QU4D and its all super simple.

Hi Gary, thanks for the quick reply. The QU4D was air-frame only, I added all the components and built it, although wish id bought the RTF... live and learn! It gets into the air ok, but is very unpredictable.

thanks again, Chris

Well that's not a problem, just a starting point!

What radio's are you using? The TX should be calibrated in MP before you fly again. You have left mother earth and it loiters, so you know it will fly! 

Your disarm and control issues are radio ones, not APM or QU4D

Have you seen this video? It might be a little dated now. 

SteadiDrone / ArduCopter Setup Guide from SteadiDrone on Vimeo.

Hi Gary, Yeah i saw the video a while back, ive done everything exactly like that. it seems to be hardware configuration that is the issue, I soon realized that you cannot run both gps and 3dr radio in such close proximity and get a lock. 

cheers, chris

Best to go back to day one! 

Pay particular attention to the RC setup and use the cable, not 3DR radios for the setup.

Regarding the circling in loiter (aka "toilet bowl effect"), this is often caused by compass interference. Have you run the compassmot procedure yet?

Hi Gary, i took a second look at the video, and suddenly realized i missed all the boring (important) parts the first time, like the QU4D parameter file and setting the frame type to 'V' instead of X, oops!. I cant thank you enough, now the QU4D flys beautifully now.

Using the FRSKY RX;  channel 3 needs reversing for some reason ?!  The throttle is also very sensitive so I might try adding expo for smoother landings. Will see how loiter and rtl work if it ever stops raining.

Thanks again. Chris

Hey Scott, Thats the very next thing to try once ive repaired the quad, the procedure sounds pretty scary though...

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