APM require mission planner?

Hey folks,

I was hoping someone could clarify for me, if mission planner is required in the field for telemetry from the APM? The reason i ask is i have a lack of a good laptop, and was wondering if i could program the APM using my desktop PC at home, then just take the plane out to the field and flick it on as usual?

Obviously this would mean i wouldn't have live telemetry information coming back to me, such as whether it has GPS lock! :O

Just wondering if the APM requires a MP connection?


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  • i agree with Finnius, pc at home and tablet for field use.  Theres loads of features using a tablet, i got a second hand galaxy 2, great bit of kit !

  • Developer

    the simple answer is yes. but yon wont have telemetry logs, but so long as you know all the modes you programed you can fly without telemetry radios/connection to a GCS

    • Thought so!

      I fixed an old 7" tablet and got DroidPlanner running on it - so i will try it out as a ground station.


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