APM stopped working suddenly

I successfully setup my arduplane (APM 1280) with s/w version 2.24.  Everything checked out with the ground tests.  Yesterday, when I tried to update to v 2.26 something went wrong.  The symptoms are as follows.

The rx/servos are powered by a 5v battery (fully charged).  This also
powers the APM and oilpan.  Now when I power up, the power leds turn on properly, the MUX led works properly and the PPM flashes rapidly.

However, the system does not initialise (no waggling control
surfaces, etc).  There is a brief burst from the TX/RX leds, then nothing. There is no activity from the GPS led.

If I connect to the USB or FTDI ports, the only change is the PPM, which goes to a slower flash.  If I try APM Setup in Mission Planner, there is no communication and it times out after 30 sec.

I uploaded v2.26 from both the USB and FTDI ports with Arduino and
according to Arduino the upload was successful in both cases.  There
was no indication of communication from the TX/RX leds during this
process, however.

The servos work properly in manual mode but are silent in stabilize mode.

Anyone have an idea what is going on?  Has my APM failed somehow?

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  • Developer

    The logging functionality changed between 2.24 and 2.26, and the new logging system may have trouble in some cases with existing logs.


    Try this:  Downgrade to 2.24.  Erase logs.  Upgrade to 2.26.  This may take care of your problem.

  • I had the same problem with my APM 2560 and Arduplane 2.26.

    I them entered in console mode, did the reset then all tests. After that, i switched to flight mode, I compile and loaded the APM 2.26 through Arduino 22 and did all setup through APM Planner.

    All works after these steps. But after unplug the batteries and plug again, the problem returns. By doing the steps above It works again and if unplug the batteries,next time I plug the problems repeats.

    I them return the load to APM 2.24 for while.

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