APM Window flashing (repainting) after a parameter update from the vehicle

I am running the latest version of MP (1.2.28) and am getting some strange behavior.

When I connect to my APM (2.5) and refesh the parameters it goes ok.  Once the parameters are loaded the screen goes into a repainting loop as it tries to display.  This seems to be happening a little more each time a load the parameters, like it is looping through files or something.

In addition, ever since a defaulted the parameters back to what it shipped with (CLI->Setup->Reset), I have started getting various "failed" message boxes that I never go before.  For instance, I was tuning some PID's and when I saved and loaded them, I got "Set RATE_PIT_P failed".  I didn't change the RATE_PIT_P parameter.  I was also getting similar errors when I turned on the option for a 3dr battery monitor.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


ps - Windows 7.

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thanks for the report. 1.2.29 should fix this. single repaint

as for your rate_pit_p problem im not so sure on.you are using a new firmware?

MP 1.2.29 has killed MP for me....:(

Win 7 64bit

more info? how?


Look further.  I am also running Win7 64 and it is working on my system.

I thought I replied to this....it worked to stop the repaint issue.

How/Where can I make UI suggestions/comments in a constructive manor?

yeah, it just corrupted the file when it updated, fresh install has fixed it.

Yeah, I just upgraded last night, 29 fixed this problem for me too.  I thought it was just my machine.  It was getting really bad, but I never know is it the program or my machine?

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