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    The voltage is scaled 0-3.3volts at 90A. And 0-3.3V at 50V. You can configure the ranges with these parameters (note: there's an amp offset that can be set)

    (Not sure why the voltage-divider parameter shows in arducopter only, as it must be used in both)
  • I am not sure what is going on, but have you tried checking the voltage coming out of the sensor (on the pin that you plug into the APM board). Use a multi-meter and see what kind of voltage is coming out when you plug your battery in. That will give you a clue about where the problem is.

    For example, if you are getting something more than a volt (idk where it SHOULD be for no current, but I am guessing it should be less than a volt at least!) when you plug your battery in, and there is no load on the battery; then it may be safe to assume something is wrong with the sensor side of things. Perhaps there is something not connected properly - or the sensor is defective - idk...

    Alternatively, if under no current loading - you are getting close to no voltage; then there may be something wrong with the configuration in APM itself... Or the way you have hooked it up to APM...

    I am not expert with this stuff but I know it helps to try to narrow down the source of the problem.

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