APm2.0 in a Y6

 I am building a  y6.   I have done everyting as per manual.   check the prop direction, all fine.   the problem is that i cant get a lift off, even at full trottle.  What is the problem. 

I changed battery pack to make sure that  its not the cause.  Can understand where the problem is.  all motors are calibrated, etc.

Can you kinldy advice what may i have done wrong please?  Is ther something wrong in the code?  or idi i do wrong when selecting the configuration.  Configartion i have in setup is x.

Please advise as at a loss

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  • Hi there, newbie here. We too are building our own Y6 and we have been through the exact problem. Steven is correct about the prop direction, both the top and bottom prop should have the wordings facing up (same direction; glossy sides should not face each other).

     P.S. a little shameless self promotion here, but we have a little problem with the tuning issue of our Y6, please do help a newb out. Thank you http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/y6-stability-issues-and-motor-dir...

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    I think the team has just updated the Y6 firmware, so there may have been an issue with it. It's the only one that's still reporting 2.5.3 as its version number, while all the others are up to 2.5.4. I've pinged Michael Oborne to find out more. 

  • Check and make sure that you can read the prop size on each prop from above.  When I built my y6 I put the bottom props upside down at first and could not take off.  Just make sure the top of the prop is facing up. 

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    Configartion i have in setup is x.

    What do you mean by x? 

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