Frankly, the hardware documentation for APM2.0 sucks. There isn't a single page that shows all the connections, what is active in the default configuration and how to modify the board to activate different serial and I2C I/O. Additionally, there isn't a page which shows the accuracy and precision of the various sensors on the board (InvenSense MPU-6000 etc.)

I have scoured the wiki many times, and the forums. I can read data sheets but that doesn't mean a whole lot if the sensors are integrated differently. Can someone point me to the source for this information, or should I start digging through the source code and Eagle schematics for basic data?

I am more than willing to help update the wiki documentation if this information can be compiled!

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I wish I could help but all I can do is totally agree with you. It would be very helpful if 3DR (hardware manufacturer) made some simple connection block diagrams and got the Wiki pages up to date..Some form of configuration management for the Wiki pages would be welcomed too. For example, Instruction release 2.x.x includes firmware 2.40 and Mission Planner 1.1.99. Otherwise, just have fun in the journey. I am sure you will get to the destination sooner or later, hopefully with hardware and brain intact. LOL



I would like to apologize to the Ardupilot community for my initial post, it was poorly worded and overly harsh. The more I dig through the code and understand the unit, the more I am impressed with the maturity of the system. I am eager to go closed loop with the default code but am still modifying it to do more advanced data logging.


I too wish 3DR would help, but given the huge delay they are always experiencing, I am doubtful. Hopefully I can create some documentation as I continue modifying the code.


Sam, we'd love your help with the documentation. The wiki is run by a volunteers, not 3DR. (3DR only produces and sells the basic electronics--"atoms". All the "bits"--software, this site, the wiki, etc--are free and built by the community). 

Just PM me with an email address linked to a Google account and I can add you to the wiki edit access list. 

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