Hi all

I have a problem connecting to my brand new APM2.5. I connected the UBLOX gps and then connected the APM to my USB / computer. As the video shows, when the gps is connected, the leds are lit for 2 seconds and then dim. If i don't have the gps connected, all the leds are lit all the time. I never get a new serialport in my MP and don't get that "tam-tam" sound i normally get when i connect to my computer.

Any ideas anyone??

Pictures show leds on APM with or without gps connected. Leds on gps are never lit.

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See if you can connect by going into Terminal I'm Mission planner. Then type 'setup' 'reset' then 'setup' 'erase' if you can. If not, the board is faulty so email help at 3drobotics.com

PS: those Nokia phone USB cables are useful;-)

I don't even get a serialport to communicate with.

I also tried the usb cable included with the apm :-)

I guess there is warranty on this...?

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