Hey guys,

I'm thinking about trying to use my APM2.5 and Raspberry Pi as just an IMU to measure pitch, roll, and yaw of a floating object. Has anyone tried interfacing the two with i2c or uart? I'd also be using a Ublox gps to monitor position.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm working on a floating offshore wind turbine project this summer, and we want to monitor the pitch/roll/orientation/position of the turbine platform. The setup already has bunches of sensors for doing so, but I thought it would be really cool to have an open-source setup on it as well. I have a Raspberry Pi and APM2.5 w/Ublox sitting around at the moment, and I know that's everything I'd need to monitor and graph the motion of the turbine. I just started looking into it, but figured I'd see if anyone else had tried something similar already.

Hi, you can take a look at the AHRS_Test.pde sketch and add some GPS position printing. There should be no need to use MAVLink protocol or other fancy stuff.

I would just use serial and no I2C. Serial just works and works :) There are 2 different UARTs to choose from.



Hello Soren,

How would you setup serial communication using the UARTs between the RPi and the APM? What files or code in the APM would you need to make changes to?  What code would you need to add or change in those files?


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