apm2.5 powering the unit

im just wondering where can i soldering + and - (6v)onto the board to power the whole.unit. i would b getting the power from sabertooth motor controller.

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  • yea i was right. batterys were to low lol. i pluged into the input side and it worked lol. stupid things.im just trying to get the firmware loaded and it wont. the ardurover all i get is the yellow light on ardupilot(rctimer) solid and nothing happens gps nothing. but i know its that firmware coz i load the arduplane and everything works fine :P so yea not sure how to manually load firmware at all and the wiki doesnt tell u much.

  • wel im beginning to.think the batterys i found were to low maybe 4.5 volts hence no power lol. so was thinking of like a battery pack. that i can recharge using a regular charger. would u know if like toys r us would hav something ? becoz to.order one would take a few weeks .im so close to testing auto lol.
  • i just tried pluging 5v to ardupilot and nothing no lights. dont multimeter with me.i plug into outputs. with that jumper jp1 on. any ideas ?
  • Look HERE for power connection options.

    I do not recommend soldering connections to the APM. Use servo cables or their equivalent.

    The 2.5 board has a Power Module connector also if you employ that device. It is designed to provide clean power as well as voltage and current montoring of the battery.

    Look over the APM2.5 simplified power schematic HERE.


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Aug 25