I'm using the APM2.5 with USB connection and can't receive data (artificial horizon doesn't move and all data is zero).

The OS is Windows 7 and I have tried it on multiple computers, same problem. I have uploaded both arduplane and copter firmware which installed without a hitch. No error messages. After pressing the connection button it takes a few seconds but then the parameters upload to computer and I get "done" and no error messages. But when I move the APM, nothing happens. No aritificial horizon movement. No data in status window and no raw data of any sort.

There is a continous green light "Alive!" on the APM and the TX and RX orange light are blinking in sequence. Nothing connected except USB.

I have tried resetting 30 seconds. Restarting computer, changing COM ports, changing rates. Nothing works. Soldering seems fine. The APM only arrived last week. This is symptom from the start. The other APM's I bought work fine with same computers and MPs.

Solutions? Send it back to DIY?



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try with an other serial monitor on same baud rate 115200 and watch what is the output. check if you recieve errors on only misunderstood characters!


I have same problem as yours. I just received my APM 2.5 last week too. I plugged usb to APM 2.5 and GPS, RC commands was worked fine first. But after unplugging the APM, I connected lipo to power the receiver, ESC and APM 2.5 and there was tow beeps after musical tone of ESC so nothing happened (it is quadcopter). Motor dind`t work, no action. I`m using hobbyking ESC and motors. I tryed to calibrate them but I couldn`t. Something was wrong. After this I connected APM 2.5  to computer but nothing works. GPS signal is full. There is a continous green light "Alive!" on the APM and the TX and RX orange light are blinking in sequence. What should I do now? 

Hi John?

I found a way to resolve our problem.  Have you already reformatted the Dataflash chip? To reformat the dataflash chip,Open the terminal tab, go to logs, and then erase. This will take several minutes, but you will only need to do this once. Once the dataflash chip has reformatted, the APM should work normally. 3D robotics said. But I didn`t try (no time by now). If you try this, please let me know.


Hi Billy,

I tried your explanation and the logs were erased. But this did'nt solve my problem.

The apm makes a connection but nothing happens with the arificial horizon when i move it.

I have also noticed the parameter "linkqualitygcs" in the Flight Data / Status window is constantly jumping from 0 tot 100 and back.

The tx and rx lights are not blinking in sequence anymore.

Any other solutions?


Hi Jon

I have the same problem,but when I wait for 4 minutes it will run!

I thinks it's because of USB link speed.tell me your "link stats" from mission planner.


I've waited more than 5 minutes. But it still doesn't work. Looks like no packages are sent from APM to laptop.

The status window shows no data.

Hi Gents,

  I am having the same problem.  Mavlink connects.  Links status window shows as above that all is well.  The Terminal works.  I can do firmware updates.  But the Mavlink does not show data in the status or the artificial horizon.  It worked fine on the workbench for a while, but started doing this after an update.  I am only powering with the USB.  I removed GPS and telemetry.  I have meters and scope to check but would appreciate a point in the right direction.




I've contacted DIY Drones support. They gave me a few things to check, but nothing worked. I've been instructed to sent it back and they will sent a replacement. Still no idea why it doesn't work. Perhaps I will know when it arrives at DIY. This will take a few weeks though since I have to ship it from Europe.


Hi Gents,

  The problem I was having with no device data shoing on the Mavlink was related to a bad 3.3v regulator on the APM2.5.  I found the 3.3v via was only outputting 0.18v. Since I had bought this used with no warranty, I replaced the Vreg and all is well.



Finally I got RMA.

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