APM2 GPS non-functional

Hello, I have been reading over several of the problems people have experienced with the MediaTek MT3329 (?) GPS that ships with APM2.  I have not been able to get any signal out of the unit. I have done the check for poor solder joints suggested in one thread.  I had an external GPS board from my APM1 so I tried it out on the APM2's I2C and it came on line after about 9 or 10 minutes.  Also, I have another MediaTek MT3329 unit from another APM2 that I tried to no avail.

Using the input ground pins as ground, I checked for voltage on each of the 6x2 pins and got something like 4.8V on a few pins, about half that on one pin, and a very slight amount (<1V) on several others.  So I don't think it is overvoltage as suggested in another thread.  Any suggestions on further troubleshooting?  The myriad of posts doesn't instill confidence in these units.

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  • This thread is getting a bit stale but thought I'd add one more comment for future searchers.  I ended up getting a U-blox GPS in place of the MediaTek I was originally using and it seems to have solved all my problems.  Even gets a lock fairly quickly indoors.  I would recommend going straight to U-blox and skip MediTek to save yourself some headaches.

  • Update...

    GPS did come on one time while connected over USB.  Took about 8 minutes and was about 1/8 mile off.

    Rechecked voltage at pins again, this time with GPS board in place, running but not reporting. Readings as follows:

    .003      5.4    .007     3.3     3.3    5.35

    <-- FWD

    2.75      5.4     3.2     .003      0     5.4




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