HI everyone,

I have been struggling with the APM2 that I have just installed and have been trying to fly in Auto and RTL modes. I do have the plane flying great in the stabilize mode and the fly by wire mode also works.

When I switch the plane to RTL or Auto mode the plane does fly itself (circle) and hold altitude but it does not go to the waypoint locations and it does not circle over the home or launch point. Every time I have flown I have waited for the blue led to go solid and also the 3Dfix led is solid. I have also connected to the computer outside and in the mission planner it says 3Dfix. I do NOT ever get a red led to stay on. The red led does flash when the board is first powered up but then has never stayed on solid like is says it is supposed to. See the link.


That brings be to my next problem. It was suggested to me to look at the data log and see if there is an actual gps lock. When trying to look at the data log in the mission planner I do not see any horizon changes, speed or altitude changes. It does say the log is playing but I am unable to see any of the planes functions.

I have been struggling with this for a week now and do not know what to try next. If anyone could give me some suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Hi,

    I found the information about LED description here at the topic.

    Because I like to check my APM2 about a fault. At the description I found out that LED A B not flashing.

    My freind have the same APM2 and it is still working.

    If it possible at any case over terminal or Mission Planner to activate the LED for testing?

    Maybe you can replay with PM to send me a link where I can found more information.

    Also I have some points which are not logical from me. Drift and shift left some times with no imput from the RC.

    Maybe the Gyro sensor have some defect or working not fine :( At the moment I didn'T know what I should can do to found the root cause to fix it.




  • help

    i have pasted this below from the Appendix section on lights of DIY on the colour of ABC lights on APM2, but in the colour pics on that page the colour of A on APM1 is Green and in APM2 is Red, so i hope, that what is written for A and C in text is correct....


    APM 1 and APM 2 LED meaning

    LEDs: Behavior:
    Power On when powered
    TX Shows data coming in USB/FTDI port
    RX Shows data going out on USB/FTDI port
    A C Fast flashing while calibrating gyros, then pause, then rotation flashing (about 45 seconds total).
    A Flashing = Code loaded or loading, ready to arm. Solid on = Armed, ready to fly (arm by holding rudder stick full right for 4 secs)
    C GPS lock - C Flashing while waiting for GPS lock; Solid with GPS lock.
    A C Solid A and C and you are ready to fly
  • Hers the other 2 pics



  • OK after trying many things today the AMP drove itself into the dirt. Testing today proved no guidance to GPS locations. During my third test flight while watching the plane circle and fly around lost in the air it suddenly went straight 90 deg down toward the ground. No exaggeration that the plane was flying level and then pitched straight 90 deg nose down. I switched the plane to manual and had the plane about back to 45 deg before it hit the dirt. So at least I know it was not a air frame / servo linkage or radio problem. 

    Not sure about how 3D robotics will be about warranty on a unit that never worked and now is smashed. I have been emailing them complaining about the issues that I have been experiencing and now I guess I will see what they say. I am very frustrated with this and not sure if I will try it again or not??

    Most everything survived with exception to the plane APM and lipos.

    Anyone else experienced anything like this? 

  • I down loaded mission planner last month, i now notice that it was version 1.1.20 and now i find that 3 days ago version 1.1.48 is available, so do i just hook up apm2 to my pc and down load the 1.1.48 or do i have to do something before that before sending latest version to APM2 ???

  • if i have hooked up the APM2 to the pc and downloaded quad codes, now if i hook up again and download again, will it over-write the previous download, or do i have to erase previous from APM2 before downloading again ???? and if i have to erase before downloading again how do i erase.???

    Also, if i now want to download codes for say aeroplane or car, then do i first erase previous codes before downloading new codes for another type of machine ???? of do i just click on appropriate icon for the machine and mission planner will do everything.....

  • Ryan, 

    thanks again, i have unzipped mission planner, but i find that there is no shortcut icon on the pc desktop screen, so does it mean i have to go to the .exe file every time i want to go to mission planner ????

  • Does anyone have a video or You tube video of planning a mission for the APM 2. I am hoping I am doing something really stupid wrong here. Last night again I hooked up my computer to the APM and the GPS found my location with no issues. Everything looks right to me but the plane will not hold a location in RTL ( or even go to a consistent location ). Also it will not go to waypoints that I write to the APM.

    I am wondering if this is a software problem not a hardware problem.

    Also I did send a email to help@3drobotics.com but have not heard back yet. How long does that usually take?

    Anyone that can help I will be in your debt



  • A stupid question but i must ask, once i plug the usb cable between APM2 and my PC and i have down loaded the Quad program from mission planner, i could not find anywhere the option to disconnect/eject  the APM2 from my pc. So i just unplugged it. Will this damage on board memory of APM2 or is there a way to unplug the usb cable from a pc......

    second question, is the Quad option only in the + mode or is there a way to use the X mode, cause in the mission planner i could only see one option for quad, the PLUS mode, that means one motor points in the front direction, cause i have made my quad as a X and will have to make the base plates again to re-orientate to the + type......

  • can someone pl tell what color light means what, i have the apm2 and i find there r 4 lights, if it can be elalorated that this colour is .........,    solid means ....,      flashing means this......, i will be really greatful, i could not find in anywhere .

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