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    there is an option for aleron to rudder mixing, i asume this is a result of that, you can change it to 0 to ignore it.

  • There is something wrong here:
    1) I am not familiar with there being a stabilize function where it uses the rudder. My successful setup only uses ailerons and elevators - Not rudder. To my knowledge the only reason why you would use rudder instead of ailerons is if you don't have ailerons like an original EasyStar setup.
    2) Your pictures do not indicate any type of 3D geometry - what direction is up? In the case you ARE only using a 3 channel setup - I can't tell the direction you are leaning the plane.

    I reserve the right to be wrong - but something to me looks "off" here.

    A little more information on your setup and pictures and I'm sure we can set you "straight".
    : )
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