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    I found this in the compass test code.


    Maybe it will produce a mag heading.


    // display all to user



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    OK I see.


    case 'O': // Rate Control PID


    So Rate Control PID = Acro PID, I'll be able to add PID edits on the Mac GCS now.


    Do you guys know which value I'm supposed to use for magnetic compass heading?  I think "S" dumps 6 values, but none look like a compassing heading.

  • for arducopter NG

    read Acro PIDs:

    print 'P'

    output will be: <P_roll>,<I_roll>,<D_roll>,<P_pitch>,<I_pitch>,<D_pitch>,<P_yaw>,<I_yaw>,<D_yaw>,<transmitter_factor>


    writing Acro PIDs:



    then print 'W' to save everything to EEPROM


    note that it prints out ',' but you need to send ';'

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    On which software NG based or our latest ACM?


    On ArducopterNG it's 'O' for read, 'P' for write if i happen to remember right, you can check that from GCS.pde too.



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