Ardu imu code

i m makin ma own quad and i hav oredrd for ardu imu board...i hav two source codes wth me..1.ArduIMU and 2. out of these whch code shld i use??anthr doubt is while dumping the code do i need to power the arduimu board?

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  • ya got hte connections but i tried programmimng the board it gave no errors while compiling but while loading it cudnt load the program...
  • also suggest me the connections of escs to the li po battery
  • so i dont need to power supply it from external power supply of 5v
  • If you want to use the ArduIMU+ (v2 flat, I hope) to control a Quadrocopter, you would have to go with Jose Julio's ArduIMU quadcopter software. The original ArduIMU code is just that - an IMU. I've documented the building of my ArduIMU+ - based Quadrocopter here. I started with Jose's software, but modified it somewhat.

    And yes, in order to upload the firmware to the ArduIMU, it needs to be powered on. The FTDI programming cable should take care of that.

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