Hi guys,

I am a University student and am working with the IMU V3+ to stabilize a camera on a UAV. I am new to all this software stuff:(, I have ordered my IMU. What do I do next? How do I check that it is giving me some data. Do I need to download a code? If so, where do I get that from. What is 'Raw Data'? 

P.S. I am sorry for bombarding you with so many questions but I really need help as this is my University Project!

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks (in advance),


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The manual is here. Please read it and try to follow it before asking for help.

Unfortunately at present that manual doesn't seem to make any mention of the V3 hardware, so I think a few people have missed it as it looks like it's aimed at V2 hardware.

I've seen a lot of posts here that sound like there are notable differences between them causing a fair amount of confusion, so am I missing the page showing the changes between V2 and V3?

However, the code is there and it doesn't sound like loading code has changed.

Thank you Chris

Hi Guys,

I want to control a camera platform using an IMU (V3+). The IMU gives out serial data, and it also has 2 PWM outputs. Does this mean I can connect the two servos (for Pitch and roll) to those outputs to stabilise the platform or do I need to take the serial data output and have a PIC to control the servos? What do you think?



Hi Guys,

I was reading the manual for the IMU and it says it gives out serial data. What would I use to transfer that serial data into a PIC16f873a? I know you can get a USB to serial cable but that means I will need to put a USB socket on the IMU serial output pins. Would that be feasible?

Many Thanks,


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