This is my internal not so well tested version of 2.0.24a.

I had hoped to fly it more this weekend, but a bad ESC stopped me Saturday and Sunday I didn't get to try alt hold, which is totally new.


If you are brave and a good pilot, try it. I have implemented some DCM changes to resist drift and correct gyro saturation events faster. I am working with Doug in the next few days to improve this even more. (And don't fly this release without the filter pads soldered up.)


If you choose to fly this, alt hold is the thing to look out for. I have a new mixing algorithm and have increased the baro performance. Expect less noise and less random drift. Please use some felt over the sensor. I don't want to get bad info back from test flights.


I wouldn't try auto or RTL with this code until the basics are proven to work properly.


What's new:



Incremented firmware version to 100

Added motors logging - logs PWM output

Added 6 position moving average filter to barometer

Reduced and filtered temperature readings from baro - the cause of random walk errors

Significantly increased THROTTLE_BARO_D to leverage less noisy barometer.

Removed error limit on alt hold

Combined sonar and baro reading with a mixing algorithm

Combined sonar and baro PIDs into one.

Added auto-level mode - enter by holding motor arm position for 20 seconds. fly as stable as possible at 3-4 feet for 45 seconds.

Added in-field level command - hold disarm for 10 seconds

Increased dead zone on Yaw to prevent backwards turning on crooked airframes

Increased yaw output limit

Added startup message in log

Removed ground_temperature, ground_pressure from EEPROM - not needed

Increased kp_rollpitch in the DCM to .1 (about 2x) for faster recovery

Added dynamic drift control - neutral sticks and lower throttle will trigger higher (1.5) DCM gain. untested.



Fly at your own risk!, a release version will come out next week. I just don't want to hold on to this code too long without feedback.



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Seems like there were some compiling issues. Solved by an update and latest Arduino build 22. (I'm going to delete the support comments to make way for flight comments.)

still doesn't work for me :(

sorry for that, but it's still the same error...

good job jason and thank you

I downloaded and compiled it. Worked OK. Can you retry and restart Arduino after updating the library path?


i've restarted, redownloaded, updated via svn various times...

i don't get that error, as you said, the function is declared in log.pde just below the error...


will try tomorrow...



Just compiled, loaded the code, erased the eeprom, setup radio, sonar (XL-EZ0), compass, leveled, and set modes to stabilize, simple, Alt hold, and loiter. I also have a small block of foam over the pressure sensor. Sonar output in test mode looked good as well as the compass. I checked the motor outputs without the ESC's plugged in and everything looked good in "+" configuration. I did 1 test flight before it started raining here. Stability/yaw was good in stabilize and I did some flying around in the back yard. The wind was gusting a little, but I did try ALT-Hold. My first try, the quad rose 10 or 15 feet before I switched back to stabilize. The second try after resetting was a little better.  It held for about 15 seconds and then rose again slowly.  I tried several more times and the remaining times, the quad held briefly at around 5 feet and then slowly dropped to the ground and touched down softly and then flew up again to 4 or 5 feet. 


I did try to disarm and rearm for 10 seconds in the middle of the flight to test the level - but I didn't see a pattern in the lights so I just resumed test flying the Alt-hold.


On 2.23 I tried Alt-hold with the sonar and it always dropped to the ground slowly.  When I disabled the sonar, it held pretty well +/- 3 or 4 feet. 


Anyway, I've attached the log and will try some more flights tomorrow if the wind/rain cooperates.





Sebastian: you don't need to update this via SVN. Just download and unzip the folder with the code and libraries and make sure you've set Arduino's Configuration path to that folder (you must close and restart it to take effect).

I just downloaded and it compiled fine for the 1280 and 2560.
updated the DCM gains, and fixed the alt hold log to give the integrator value for baro.
Did you update the zip file, too?

Safe to push a hex file yet?


One day more testing. BTW, my other three ESCs failed as well. I've got replacements so i should be back in the air shortly.



Barometer was totally borked. I rewrote it just now and it's working better than ever. Can you retry?



Hi Jason


I think the baro might still be borked - just tried with the latest code on the bench and got sort of slow square wave downward stepped response - see attachment. No sonar attached, version H Oilpan.

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