Arducopter wobbles a lot (video)

Hi everybody,

Video :

First of all I have to point out that i checked following page:

Possible problems to check explained on page linked above :
1 - Board facing : CHECKED
2 - x mode : CHECKED
3 - Motors turning right way : CHECKED
4 - Dont know what does it mean since already checked motors turning right way
5 - Propellers are attached tight : CHECKED
6 - Gyro/Compass calibrations : CHECKED
7 - ESC Calibration : CHECKED
8 - Radio Pitch/Roll is 4200/4100 not exactly 4500. Might be the problem.
9 - All sensors are working as expected. CHECKED

Preflight checks : DONE,
tries to compensates rotation : CHECKED
pitch/roll control : CHECKED

So what should I do now?
Earlier i played with range of transmitter sticks. Made all of them -120% +120% Then i played with subtrim settings to get them to center.

3600MAH 4S 30-40C

HK BlueSeries ESC 40A

NTM 28-26 1000kv motor

GWS 1047 Propellers

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  • test stabilize p 3800

  • Test Video after PID Tuning :

    Video while PID Tuning :

  • I managed to resolve it by lowering P values in Stabilize/Rate sections for both Pitch/Roll. But there is still little shifting on yaw axis.

  • Did i post it to wrong category or something? :(

  • Now I just added some foam between APM and frame. Wobbles decreased but still unstable.

    It yaws to the left a bit, I compensate it with yaw stich while flight but still rotors wobble 3-4cm up & down.

    I managed to elevate it to 1 meter height and switched to auto-land. Auto-Landing works but it is very wobbly too

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